The best caravanning technology

Caravanning is one of the UK’s favourite pursuits, allowing you to explore the beauty of the country from your ‘home on the road’, and making it as easy and enjoyable as possible is a must.

Snooper manufactures and stocks a range of different technologies for driving and outdoor use that will ensure you enjoy your journey and enhance your caravan adventure. Here, they have compiled a list of the very best caravanning equipment.

Getting there

The right sat nav will go a long way in helping you get to your campsite safely, and without any hiccups along the way. Not all sat navs are suitable for caravans or motorhomes, but the Ventura brand is designed with the driver of these vehicles in mind.

Their sat navs, such as the Ventura S6810, are packed full of special features and state-of-the-art technology. You can input the size of your vehicle to avoid any height and weight restrictions along your route, and you can search campsites based on what facilities they have available.

Extra safetyCaravanning

Add an extra layer of safety to your journey by pairing your sat nav with a state-of-the-art dash camera, which will also alert you of any upcoming speed cameras. The device automatically begins recording when you start your car, providing you with valuable evidence should you need it to support an insurance claim.

Dual purpose

With limited space in your caravan, not everything you’d planned to pack will necessary make the cut - so dual purpose items are always welcome! This Motorola LUMO lantern is also fitted with a panic alarm for safety. Other lanterns in the range are fitted with mosquito repellent or a thermometer and compass.

Portable power

Power ‘to go’ is essential for any keen caravanner. Whether your phone has minimal charge or your camera battery has run out just as you were about to take the perfect photo, it’s easy to get caught short. These lightweight, portable solar panels are a great source of energy for outdoor enthusiasts who need juice but are still mindful of the environment.

The Cobra JumPack will provide you with extra peace of mind. The device, complete with jump leads, is small enough to fit in your glove box but will enable you to jump start your engine - or recharge your smartphone - if your battery runs out.

To discover more about Caravanning, driving and outdoor technology that’s perfect for caravanners, visit the Snooper website.

May 3, 2018

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