Yescapa connects local campervan and motorhome owners across Europe

Yescapa is "the AirBnB for caravanners" and allows owners to let out vans all year round. The benefits are clear for owners and park operators: more visitors means trade is boosted all year round! Here, Caravan Industry & Park Operator talk to Yescapa founders Adrien Pinson and Benoît Panel (pictured) about their booking platform…

What is Yescapa and when did it begin trading?

Yescapa is a platform that connects local campervan and motorhome owners across Europe with people who want to hire their vehicles. The company has been running for 6 years and is continuing to expand into new markets in Europe.

How many caravans do you have to offer, and where are they sited?

Yescapa currently has over 5,000 leisure vehicles and now operates in multiple European countries. The fleet consists of campervans and motorhomes and is spread across France, Spain, Germany, and the UK.

What range of size of accommodation/prices are on offer? Yescapa

Yescapa has a strong advantage on price and is on average 20% cheaper than traditional hire companies. You can expect a huge range of unique vehicles from classic VW’s to luxury 7 berth motorhomes, to more budget friendly models. There is the perfect vehicle for everyone's needs.

How can Yescapa increase the number of visitors in caravan parks?

An average of 38% of hirers on Yescapa have tested a leisure vehicle for the first time through the platform, so we are making motorhome and campervan hire more accessible to Britons, who wouldn't usually consider opt for this type of holiday abroad. With the British staycation trend still booming and with more hires taking place, it is natural to see visits to caravan parks rising too.

Do you think caravan sales will increase if people know they can hire out their caravans to help with the costs?

We are already seeing production of leisure vehicles increasing in recent years with brands such as Bailey coping well with the rising demand. Many renters use Yescapa during the sales process, to try vehicles before they buy them.

Based on our survey data, the average owner only uses his/her vehicle for 16 weeks a year leaving it to gather dust on their driveway or to be hidden away in paid storage for the rest of the time. Yescapa offers owners the chance to make their vehicle work for them when they’re not using it and therefore makes owning a leisure vehicle more affordable. The platform insures all the hires and verifies its users for peace of mind. When you learn how much you can make (an average of £500/week, during the summer season) it just makes sense to cover your maintenance costs, other bills and use the sharing economy to your advantage.

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June 20, 2018

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