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Hot tubs and water hygiene: by Dorian Davies from Darlly Europe

The publication of the HSE's "The control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems", more commonly known as "HSG282", in January 2017 caused a stir in the holiday caravan, lodge, and cottage sector as it set out specific and detailed guidelines for hot tubs installed in holiday let situations. HSG282 also placed risk responsibility on the shoulders of holiday let owners and operators to ensure their installations are HSG282 compliant.

Section 76 of HSG282 deals with the specification of hot tubs installed in such a setting where used "... as part of a business activity (eg in a holiday park rental unit or hotel bedroom(s) with their own dedicated spa, or as part of a rental agreement for a single family or group use)". With regard to managing safe and hygienic water quality, Section 76 prescribes that hot tubs must be "disinfected using bromine or chlorine through the use of an inline disinfectant feeder".

However, this poses a significant problem for the majority of suppliers of domestic hot tubs, as well as holiday let owners and operators looking to install hot tubs in their units, as most hot tubs sold on the UK market do not have inline chlorine or bromine feeders installed. It is sometimes possible to install such a device within the plant area inside the cabinet, space-permitting; but it involves the modification of internal pipework which could possibly void the hot tub's warranty. It's also a relatively expensive modification. Hot tubs Darlly product

The great news is, the design team at Darlly Europe, the UK's leading supplier of replacement hot tub filters, have invented a competitive and effective solution for HSG282 compliance with the launch of their revolutionary SaniStream Direct Line Filtration product. SaniStream is an inline dosing dispenser which allows for the continuous dosing of small chlorine or bromine tablets. It is fully adjustable, and it does not require the modification of any of the hot tub's existing plumbing. It can be refilled with regular suitably sized chlorine or bromine tablets from the client's regular supplier.

SaniStream Direct Line Filtration installs in the void in the centre of a modified Darlly filter cartridge, so that dosing is inline and continuous whenever the spa is in a filter cycle or in actual use - satisfying the key demands of HSG282 compliance. Crucially, SaniStream can be retro-fitted to the majority of hot tubs, so that units already out in the field which are not HSG282 compliant can be brought into line.

Hot tubs can be fit with easy-access filtration

The design also allows easy access for a technician for inspection and refill, while keeping it locked away out of sight of consumers using the spa. Philip Moseley and Gil Gingell, directors at Darlly Europe, envisage that 90%+ of their replacement filter offering will be able to accept the SaniStream dispenser, to allow the majority of spas sold in the UK to be converted to SaniStream.

water-hygiene-dorian.jpgDorian represents Darlly Europe, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of OEM and after-market hot tub, swimspa and swimming pool filters, and has worked in the wet leisure industry for almost 30 years for some of the world’s leading brands. He has written and spoken widely on topics from marketing to hot tub sanitation and regulatory compliance, and currently sits on the committee of BISHTA, the British & Irish Spa & Hot Tub Association.

For more information on SaniStream Direct Line Filtration, or to place an order, contact Philip Moseley or Gil Gingell at Darlly Europe on 01952 580500, or visit darllyeurope.com

April 20, 2018

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