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Strongarm Tactics To Combat Online Fraud?

Online Fraud Alert On Computer

A new process for handling online card payments could soon stop customer purchases if traders don’t comply with the new rules. Adam Bernstein explains the change.

Online fraud is huge and according to Finextra Research, between 2017 and 2018, £4.1bn was stolen as a result of this type of theft. And to illustrate how personal the problem is, the firm quotes a survey commissioned by of 2,000 UK adults which showed that 22% of those surveyed were defrauded in the last year this way. 

New Digital Solution From ASL Provides Real-Time Electricity Monitoring

Caravan Park that use's ASL

LeisureSmart is a new digital solution from ASL that provides near real-time electricity monitoring for leisure complexes and holiday parks.

Using ASL’s trusted technology, LeisureSmart accurately monitors the electricity usage of each pitch, providing management with accurate, near real-time data.

How LeisureSmart Works

LeisureSmart devices are attached to the electricity hook-up at each pitch and constantly monitor the amount of electricity supplied. The data gathered is then transferred, using GPRS mobile data networks, to a secure cloud- based platform.

HBP Systems’ Till Solution Secures The Future Growth Holiday Park Operator

HBP Systems’ Till Solution

HBP Systems’ Till Solution Secures The Future Growth Holiday Park Operator, Blue Anchor Leisure

Lincolnshire holiday park resort, Blue Anchor Leisure, has onboarded HBP Systems and their integrated till solution, to enhance growth and customer experience.

Established in 1972, Skegness-based, Blue Anchor Leisure has become a prominent figure in the holiday park industry, popular for its seaside location and host of onsite attractions.With award-winning accommodation and front-of-house staff, their customers were oblivious to struggles behind-the-scenes. 

KC Solutions Help Caravan, Lodge & Holiday Park Operators Grow

KC Solutions Help Caravan, Lodge & Holiday Park Operators Grow

KC Solutions help caravan, lodge and holiday parks become more profitable through the visibility and sharing of data. Having the right data available at the right time makes more informed business decisions easier and removes the guess work.

Understanding the unique issues faced by businesses in this ever-changing industry, KC Solutions develop and implement a range of solutions from sales to stock management to finance which are built around the core business driver of data visibility and integration. Removing human error, automating key processes and providing clear concise reports immediately allow you to make more money, remove frustrations and increase your customers’ experience.

The digital gap – teaching technology to older employees

Closing the digital gap – an ipad being used by an older lady

Here the team at Maplewave, whose revolutionary retail management software has changed the way customers approach their in-store shopping, offer advice on helping the over 50s to embrace the digital revolution. This can only help the older members of your team, and customers who are over 50, to become more familiar with today’s technology and close the digital gap.

Protecting your business against cyber crime

Cyber crime hack one computer
Compass reviews the very real risk that cyber crime poses to park businesses

It is hard to exaggerate the damage a cyber attack could inflict on a park business. 

A fraudulent email, for example, can release ransomware, viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware, crimeware and scareware. Any of these can crush a park’s operations by interrupting normal services and stealing information and data. 

Cyber criminals are constantly developing their techniques, making it hugely challenging to spot a fraudulent email. For parks with employees, preventing one slip by one individual 24/7 can be very difficult to manage. 

Need more Caravan Sales in 2019?

Need more Caravan Sales in 2019?

Free 1-month advertising trial with My Holiday Caravan is the largest independent static caravan sales website and can ensure your park is found, by potential buyers searching online.

We now receive up to 100,000 visitors per month who are looking to purchase a static caravan holiday home making our website the ideal place to advertise. This this is why the leading park operators choose us.

We are confident that a park listing will work for you we are offering a Free no obligation 30-day trial.

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CampManager makes it easy for parks to keep their customer database GDPR compliant


CampManager is a Park Management and Online Booking system that helps over 350 caravan parks, campsites and holiday parks in the UK & Ireland to generate more bookings and to simplify their park management. With the upcoming GDPR coming into force on 25 May 2018, CampManager have been making amendments to their system that will help their customers comply with the new data legislation.

Beyond Wifi - Kencomp Internet

Beyond Wifi - Kencomp Internet

More than just park Wifi… 

  • Superfast Residential Broadband services along with telephone options for caravans
  • Bespoke and discreet Wireless Solutions, no digging, no trenches, no disruption
  • Improve your park services whilst earning Revenue
  • Fully supported service – we take the stress away by dealing direct with your owners.

The main reason that caravan and holiday park owners are unhappy with onsite Wi-Fi is because their existing systems simply don't provide enough online time, sufficient speed and data in order to meet a modern family's requirements.

Overlooking task automation is losing you valuable time and money


The Art of Automation 

Park owners throughout the UK & Ireland are saving valuable time and money by automating their day-to-day tasks with CampManager. Introducing an automation system minimises your workload by eliminating tedious, repetitive tasks. With CampManager, automating your daily operations can be surprisingly easy and can reap major benefits such as savings in time and effort, cost reductions, higher productivity and greater reliability and performance. Streamlining processes leads to increased operational efficiency, allowing focus to be devoted to higher level activities.

5 key areas where automating daily tasks can save you valuable time and effort

1. Automated Booking Process

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