Frontier Pitts Work With The Caravan Club's To Increase Security

Frontier Pitts Security Barrier

Over the years Frontier Pitts have installed perimeter security equipment on many of The Caravan Club sites nationally, to ensure the holiday park sites fulfil their security requirements with cost-effective traffic management.

Frontier Pitts market-leading FBX Automatic Barrier is ideally suited for controlling constant access to and from Caravan Club sites nationally. The FBX provides an effective solution to traffic congestion, whilst maintaining a visual security deterrent. 

The security of remote access

Caravan homes - The security of remote access

If you’ve ever been locked out of your house or car, you are familiar with that feeling of frustration — always at the most inconvenient of times. It’s even worse when you’re staying in a holiday home and have to hunt for help in unfamiliar territory.

Nick Cowley, managing director of PVCu windows and doors expert Euramax, explains how integrating remote access into holiday homes can save the frustration for both holiday makers and those that manage them.

The staycation era is truly upon us. The BBC reported that the UK is the second biggest buyer of touring caravans after the US, as more holiday makers are choosing to become tourists in their own country in favour of heading overseas. 

Eagle Eye Networks Launches 4G/LTE Mobile Camera MC01 for Commercial Surveillance Applications

Eagle Eye Networks mobile camera

The Eagle Eye Mobile Camera MC01 is an enhanced version of the 4G/LTE consumer NuboCam Security Camera, specifically aimed at commercial applications

Austin, TX, Amsterdam, Tokyo - Eagle Eye Networks, the #1 provider of cloud video surveillance worldwide, today announced the Eagle Eye Mobile Camera MC01 which is available immediately via its reseller partners. The MC01 is a small 4G/LTE camera for use in locations that have difficulty with standard internet access.  Eagle Eye Networks is also making mobile data plans available so that channel partners can provide a complete solution to their customers.

Newgate - Gate and Barrier Solutions

Newgate - Gate and Barrier Solutions

Newgate have been at the forefront of Secure Access Solutions since 1984, we have grown to become the UK’S leading manufacturer and supplier of gate and barrier products.

We are a British manufacture, who manufacture and supply from our purpose built factories in Newark in Nottinghamshire.

All of our workforce from Directors through sales and manufacturing are very proud to be associated with the British product we have been supplying since 1984.

We offer a complete continued service from the initial enquiry right through from sales and installation and any civil works that may be required.

Why integration and flexibility are key to access control management 

Access control management CCTV cameras

Access control is a critical element of building security. It is vital in so many ways, not only from an anti-intruder or theft perspective but also in terms of health and safety. In almost every building - whether that’s an office block, a school, a hospital or a shopping centre - many people enter, exit and move around the premises. It is crucial therefore that access into and around buildings, where people are granted or denied entry to certain zones at different times, is managed effectively.

Sophisticated thieves pose new problem for caravan and motorhome industry

Sophisticated thieves pose new problem for caravan and motorhome industry

The emergence of more sophisticated thieves may be rendering many conventional trackers ineffective, with the caravan and motorhome industry particularly vulnerable, according to telematics expert In-car Cleverness.

The increasing prevalence of advanced equipment, including scanners able to detect traditional tracking units, has meant some criminals can easily remove traditional trackers and clone the vehicle’s identity, making stolen vehicles nearly untraceable.

As a result, caravan and motorhome retail and rental businesses – which often use conventional trackers to safeguard their vehicles from theft – may emerge as the latest targets for sophisticated vehicle thieves.

Newgate Hurdles Barriers to Growth with Quality Accreditation

Newgate is one of the UK’s market leaders within the traffic barrier and gate industry - designing, manufacturing and fitting automated and manual barriers, gates and blockades.

A traditional company, based in Newark in Nottinghamshire, Newgate is founded on family values and employs almost 90 people, many of whom are fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, and mothers and daughters.

The company was established in 1984 and now boasts some of the country’s most well-known blue-chip companies in its long list of clients. Wherever you go - whether to the shopping centre or the train station – it’s likely you have experienced one of Newgate’s systems.


Identifying potential barriers

Defender Bird Spikes send the birds packing from holiday cottage!

Defender Bird Spikes send the birds packing from holiday cottage!

Defender Bird Spikes are manufactured by Jones and Son Pest Control Supplies in the UK. From their warehouse in Devon they send spikes all over the world, however it was a small installation in their home county that provided their latest triumph. Dave Jones, the company’s director and spike inventor explained; “Mrs Jackson, who owns a holiday cottage on the South Devon coastline called to say their customers were having issues with jackdaws, pigeons and doves roosting in the guttering overlooking the patio of the holiday cottage. Firstly, we established that the birds were using this roosting spot during the early hours of the morning whilst waiting for a neighbour nearby to come and scatter stale bread for the local bird population.

How ANPR can help make your caravan park secure


Every caravan park owner needs a secure site. Not only do you need to look after your onsite caravans, but your guests too. Ensuring that the park is secure will make your visitors feel like they’re in the comfort and safety of their own home, making them more likely to return.  An insecure park may increase the chances of theft which in turn may negatively influence the quantity and quality of your guests. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your park, read on!


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), is a technology which detects registration plates, allowing the control of vehicles in and out of an area. This system allows managers to control who is entering their site and makes it easier as their site grows. 


Educating caravanners about gas safety

Educating caravanners about gas safety

London, UK - Two in five caravanners and campers have admitted taking enormous risks with their lives by bringing outdoor gas appliances inside as a result of the unpredictable British weather, according to a new survey by CORGI Homeplan.  


Millions are bringing lit barbecues inside their caravans, revealing a shocking lack of understanding of the risks involved when using gas cookers and barbecues. Even when their flames are extinguished, these appliances can all emit deadly carbon monoxide. A further two thirds of caravanners did not know that carbon monoxide can still be produced after a flame is extinguished.

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