Compact kitchens and glamping – the perfect match

The leisure market is diversifying, particularly with the emergence and growth of glamping. Bob Andrew, Managing Director at Elfin Kitchens, looks at how UK park home operators can take advantage of glamping’s growing popularity and explores the benefits of fitting compact kitchens in luxury camping accommodation.

Glamping is fast becoming a global phenomenon, very much focussed at the top end of the market, with a particular emphasis placed on comfort and luxury. This has resulted in the emergence of a wealth of properties tailored towards glamping clientele, including designer yurts, log pods and even specially converted vehicles!

Given the appeal of these properties, it is important that the indoor living space is maximised to the best of its potential. Occupants want to enjoy modern and comfortable surroundings, alongside good levels of practicality and open space. Achieving such a balance in a glamping environment can be tricky, especially as far as the kitchen is concerned, given the varying quality of prebuilt wooden pods, for example. 

Kitchens need to provide guests with the capacity to store, prepare and cook food – yet in a much smaller environment compared to a standard-sized house. Devising ways to combine a cooking area, fridge, sink and cupboards into a restricted space without sacrificing any of them can be a challenge. With traditional cabinetry often proving incredibly restrictive, park home operators should be looking to simpler andElfin Compact Glamping Kitchen more functional alternatives – including prebuilt compact kitchens.

The latest prebuilt kitchens offer a wide range of options, including refrigerated food storage and full cooking preparation, as well as a full allocation of appliances. Utilising such a purpose-built design ensures the kitchen can easily be incorporated into a project from the outset. Installation is actually incredibly simple, with models usually available as ‘plug and play’ options.

Another key consideration when selecting a compact kitchen is to opt for a durable product – especially if a holiday property is to be rented out to multiple guests during the year. In order to withstand such high levels of use, kitchens need to manufactured from robust materials that cannot be damaged easily. This is often a disadvantage when using traditional cabinetry, as laminated chipboard or MDF can easily warp, splinter or chip, resulting in a kitchen area soon looking tired and unattractive in a short space of time.

However, some compact kitchens, such as those provided by Elfin Kitchens, are manufactured from powder-coated steel and boast stainless steel tops; such a combination provides incredible strength, rigidity and durability. Plus, utilising such materials reduces the need for long-term maintenance, while keeping a property looking in premium condition for longer – which is essential in a glamping holiday environment. Indeed, we have supplied kitchens in hundreds of glamping properties, from luxury timber structures through to a converted helicopter(!), proving they are more than suitable for the applications in hand.

Furthermore, prebuilt compact kitchens are delivered to a site in one piece and quickly installed inside a property. All the cupboards and appliances are measured up and fitted neatly together beforehand, in turn reducing the time it takes to install the kitchen. Plus, as so much of the work is already done, no manual labour is required. Plumbing costs are also reduced, as good-quality compact kitchens arrive ready for fitting, complete with an appropriate waste kit. There Elfin Compact Glamping Kitchenare actually very few on-site requirements, other than connecting up the electricity supply, water and drainage – it really is that simple!

A compact, all-in-one kitchen that arrives fully assembled on a pallet, either with or without hotplates, bypasses a lot of potential headaches during the installation process – time is money, after all. 

Of course, the kitchen’s aesthetic can be even further improved with the introduction of a splash of colour; just because a glamping property is small doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Bright tones can make small areas more interesting, as well as add focus to a space, so they are well worth considering as alternatives to the ‘usual’ whites and greys. Opting for vibrant colourways, or even a RAL finish, helps to create a focal point to a living environment and offer a more contemporary feel overall.

So, in terms of maximising space and functionality inside glamping accommodation, prebuilt compact kitchens certainly have a lot to offer. Utilising these high quality, robust products provides reliability and longevity, while catering for all necessary washing up, storage, food preparation and cooking requirements, with minimal maintenance costs.


June 10, 2019

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