HBP Systems’ Till Solution Secures The Future Growth Holiday Park Operator

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Lincolnshire holiday park resort, Blue Anchor Leisure, has onboarded HBP Systems and their integrated till solution, to enhance growth and customer experience.

Established in 1972, Skegness-based, Blue Anchor Leisure has become a prominent figure in the holiday park industry, popular for its seaside location and host of onsite attractions.With award-winning accommodation and front-of-house staff, their customers were oblivious to struggles behind-the-scenes. 

Blue Anchor had grown into a 13-site business, with over 200 staff, and anywhere between 1000-30,000 people on-site, at any time. Managing this on their previous paper-based system waHBP Systems’ Till Solution Secures The Future Growth Holiday Park Operators negatively impacting the business.  Blue Anchor Leisure’s Director, Jonathan Moses, explains: “We needed to give the customers a better service, and the old system that we had just didn’t cut it.”

Having multiple sites, with diverse facilities, finding a till solution to meet all their needs was problematic. “We were behind the times. We had unique problems, and we needed a solution that would embrace our unique challenges,” says Jonathan. 

Blue Anchor discovered Scunthorpe’s, HBP Systems, when they found a video case study online about how they had helped Lyons Holiday Park, by implementing a fully integrated till solution. Blue Anchor’s Account Manager at HBP, Richard Wellham, says: “It was key for them that we had experience with their industry.”

The till solution, known as KCPOS, automates the synchronisation of data across the business’ tills, stock control and online sales, feeding it to their accounts. With 25 KCPOS tills installed, it has created a unified platform across Blue Anchor, consistently providing them with real-time data on their business and customers. 

Finance Manager at Blue Anchor, Nick Chapman, praises: “We can access the system at any given time to see what different outlets have processed and how much money each till has taken. They put our 13 different parks on one network, so we can report in real-time and make fasters decisions, based on accurate data.”

Richard Wellham explains: “KCPOS is a perfect fit for holiday parks as it a multi-discipline solution, therefore, it can be tailored to multiple environments within one site, such as; admissions, retail and hospitality. Efficient customer service is vital, so KCPOS has been designed to ensure this.”

Blue Anchor Leisure has recently completed filming their own KCPOS case study, in which Jonathan Moses, states: “HBP stuck to the timeframes and delivered the system that we asked for. We HBP Systems’ Till Solution Secures The Future Growth Holiday Park Operatorfound the right company to work with. I wouldn’t just recommend HBP to other holiday parks. I would recommend them to any business that faces unique issues like we do.”

To find out more on Blue Anchor Leisure’s journey with KCPOS watch their video case study at, www.hbpsystems.co.uk/case-studies/blue-anchor-leisure-case-study/.


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