New Hex Court Is Set To Revolutionise The Holiday Park Recreation Scene

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The HEX Court, the latest invention from Playinnovation™, experts in creating the wow factor through the design and installation of outdoor sports and play equipment, is set to revolutionise holiday park recreation for guests and organisers

This multi-use games area that’s both fun and inclusive has been specifically designed to consist of six ‘pods,’ each providing a different sports activity or target game to create ‘personal pockets’ for children and adults to play. 

The HEX Court is also great for timetabled activities at caravan and holiday parks because an inDrawing of Hex Courtstructor can take a 360-degree view from the centre of the HEX Court and easily run a number of sessions simultaneously. 

In addition to encouraging fun and physical activity amongst holiday-goers, it’s also a great facility which promotes positive outcomes via graduated challenges. For example, Playinnovation™ patented games walls can help to develop target skills, hand-to-eye coordination and maths. In one pod, you might find ‘Street Pool,’ then, in the pod next door, a table tennis table or some outdoor gym equipment. The access points can be designed depending on each customer’s requirements, as can a choice of activities. 

Playinnovation™ founder, Marco Boi said: “I came up with the HEX Court idea in pretty much the same way as I did when designing our rectangular-style, family-inclusive sports areas and educational games walls. 

“I essentially tried to regress back to my childhood and how I felt about joining in on sports activities while at school and on holiday. Imagine some of the many insecurities children, and adults, have when it comes to participation in sport. There’s a complex and important conversation to be had, linking mental wellbeing, self-esteem and physical activity together, and creating spaces with these ‘pockets’ are a great way to make use of a space that can be maximised by six families or groups all at once.” 

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