Huck Nets Make Play An Adventure For All

The innovative range of purpose designed rope and net play equipment from Dorset-based Huck Nets is guaranteed to make every playground an adventure. It is a popular feature in many parks and playgrounds across the UK and Europe.

Huck Nets world-renowned rope and netting is integrated into much of their play equipment.

Being manufactured mostly of rope and timber it is ideally suited to outdoor natural play environments. Every element has been designed to allow children’s imaginations to run wild and to give free rein to their natural urge to be active. There are various climbing elements such as climbing pyramids, jungle bridges, net ramps, rope ladders and tunnels, an impressive range of individual and group swings, trampolines, hammocks and aerial runways.

Each play system comes with a wide range of different structural design elements in every shape and colour that wHuck Nets playgroundill blend harmoniously into virtually any adventure landscape. One of the best examples is their rope adventure courses. Hammocks, rope ladders and wobble swings all make use of their strong and durable rope. They also have a great selection of rope net pyramids, scramble nets and climbing ropes, as well as a selection of Bird Nest Trees. At the core of the Birds Nest Tree series is the original HUCK Bird’s Nest® - a round close-meshed basket with a base shaped to form a nest and a steel ring wound round with rope. It is the perfect edition to any outdoor playground and provides a climbing element to complement ground-based play like trampolines and swings.

Their outdoor range also includes a fantastic selection of inclusive play equipment. On offer is a l range of obstacle-free play equipment such as swings with safety seats, hammocks and trampolines. The swing has large flat and upright seats to invite people to get moving.The climbing equipment is low enough for children to enjoy climbing regardless of their mobility level. Huck’s Rolli trampoline has been designed for wheelchair users. It has sloping edge panels to enable the surface level trampoline to be accessed safely and easily. An accompanying person can also stand in direct contact with the wheelchair user if required. Alongside, Huck offer a full installation and maintenance service for new and existing outdoor and indoor play areas. Their team will carry out simple repairs to netting, replace worn-out netting and/or equipment, or can work with you to completely refurbish the play area.

For information on Huck ’s range of play equipment and their supporting design and installation services call 01308 425100 or email