Innovative Inclusive Play Equipment From Huck

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Being active is good for you – and that goes especially for children, youngsters, and adults with limited mobility. Huck appreciate the importance of play not only as a means of keeping healthy but also as an aid to improving social and communication skills. Their range of inclusive play equipment is designed to ensure that everyone regardless of age, gender and ability can play together and have an exciting time.

On offer is a colourful range of play equipment that is obstacle-free and designed to suit all. The pieces that make up the range includes swings with safety seats, hammocks and trampolines. This Huck series of equipment offers endless swinging and climbing fun, without over-exerting its users.

One of the great things about Huck’s inclusive swings is that the large flat and upright seats invite people to get moving. The Children play on Inclusive Play Equipment From Huck climbing equipment is low enough for children to enjoy climbing regardless of their mobility level. It also means it is at a safe height should they fall off during play. 

The fittings on the all-in-one equipment are of exceptionally high quality. The climbing nets are made from Huck Hercules rope (Ø 16 mm, 6-strand, with steel core). Our steel posts come with a 15-year guarantee against rust erosion. The equipment is easy to set up with a twist of the hand – no need for any large tools. The comparatively small sized frames mean you can even set up the equipment in smaller play areas. 

Trampolines are one of the most inclusive play items you can have in a playground.As well as being fun and an enjoyable way to exercise they are a popular form of rebound therapy providing the benefits of increased movement and improved mobility. 

Huck’s Rolli trampoline has been designed for wheelchair users. It has sloping edge panels to enable the surface level trampoline to be accessed safely and easily. An accompanying person can stand in direct contact with the wheelchair user if required.

Huck have been designing, manufacturing and installing play parks for many years. They recently completed an inclusive playground and picnic area at West Bay in Dorset. The playground includes trampolines, slides, carousels and many other pieces of Huck playground equipment.They worked with the local Bridport Town Council to create a playground where everyone was welcome. It was greatly received by the local community and is used both by residents and holidaymakers who visit the town.

Whether you are looking for complete inclusive playground equipment systems or just the components Huck can help. For information on Huck ’s range of play equipment and their supporting design and installation services call 01308 425100 or email To see the whole range visit