KC Solutions Help Caravan, Lodge & Holiday Park Operators Grow

KC Solutions help caravan, lodge and holiday parks become more profitable through the visibility and sharing of data. Having the right data available at the right time makes more informed business decisions easier and removes the guess work.

Understanding the unique issues faced by businesses in this ever-changing industry, KC Solutions develop and implement a range of solutions from sales to stock management to finance which are built around the core business driver of data visibility and integration. Removing human error, automating key processes and providing clear concise reports immediately allow you to make more money, remove frustrations and increase your customers’ experience.

From site office management, to site-fee processing with owners, to weekender rentals, to cafes, to bars, to restaurants, to stock rooms and warehouse management, to finance and account handling, to loyalty and increasing customer spend – KC Solutions’ products and services KC Solutions Help Caravan, Lodge & Holiday Park Operators Growcan help you streamline and automate your processes at every touch point, where your customers or staff are involved. Designed to provide a common platform between your sales, stock and finances, their expertise allows KC Solutions to take a reassuring approach to tackle your particular issues and provide technological solutions that fit. Understanding that there is no out-of-the-box solution for you caravan, lodge or holiday park, and having strong and prosperous relationships with large and influential businesses in the industry KC Solutions have the knowledge to support and help you grow.

With over 30 years of experience in working with business software, data and integrations, KC Solutions are in a prime position to help your business achieve its goal. With 99% customer retention, and 98% positive customer feedback, our award-winning team offer the best value KC Solutions Help Caravan, Lodge & Holiday Park Operators Growfor money support services anywhere in the UK.

KC Solutions’ customers include Lyons Holiday Parks in North Wales, Blue Anchor Leisure in Lincolnshire and more – all of which will testify to the trusted products and services on offer.

Don’t take our word for it, here are their testimonies for how we helped them:

Lyons Holiday Parks: https://kcpos.co.uk/case-studies/lyons-holiday-park/

Blue Anchor Leisure: https://kcpos.co.uk/case-studies/blue-anchor-leisure-holiday-caravan-and-lodge-park-operator-in-lincolnshire/

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July 10, 2019

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