Laundreez - a portable, durable, mini-washing machine

Hi, I’m Laundreez.  

I was inspired by my creator when she was attempting to wash a few undergarments in the bathroom sink. Her husband needed to use the sink so dashed to the kitchen, swooped up a large plastic bag and placed the wet items in the bag. She added more water and detergent, twirled the bag closed and shook the bag. The items could safely soak clean.

When the clothes were removed from the bag, they had been thoroughly cleaned. How remarkable she thought and headed to the internet for a bag-type, ‘mini-washing machine’. Having had no luck on Amazon, Google and what felt like the entire web, she designed her own reusable, durable, portable, mini-washing machine – my humble beginnings.

 I can do lots of great things. Primarily, I love cleaning clothes while being kind to them.  With a bit of detergent, water, and a few swishes, a cleaning solution is created to safely soak garments. A few shakes during the soaking process help me to do an even better job. For tougher stains, I love a good massage (as do the clothes.) I work like an automatic washing machine – some flipping around, but mostly soaking.Laundreez in washing basket

My easy-to-use screw cap makes emptying dirty water and refilling with clean water to rinse a breeze. AND I will keep your hands dry!

Most of my days are spent pre-soaking items, washing delicates or refreshing workout and dance gear. I also like to clean usual items like baseball caps and plush toys. I am up for most challenges.Laundreez and camping essentials

I am very compact (380 grams, 8 cm x 12 cm x 20 cm) and love to be on the go. I have enjoyed gap year travel, volunteer work, ocean cruising, backpacking, camping and have even done a few work-related trips. When away from home, in addition to washing garments, I have been used as a dry bag (to protect valuables when near water), to carry up to 6 litres of water, and even used to ice down drinks (always up for a good party!) I am sure together we could have loads of fun. I retail for £19.99, so you could say I am economical, too.

Now that you know a bit more about me, do you think we might spend some time together? Check me out at (You cannot ‘Swipe Right’, but you can hit the ‘Buy’ button.)
June 10, 2019

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