Oderase reveals that a damp smell is the biggest turn off for caravan owners

When asked which caravan smell was the worst, 37 per cent stated that a damp and musty smell was the least pleasant, closely followed by the body odour of their fellow caravaners (28 per cent).

Other smells causing distress include:

Sweaty feet (14 per cent)

Wet Dog (10 per cent)

Farm smells (9 per cent)

Cooking smells (2 per cent)

The proximity of the toilet facilities to the living areas in close-quarters can also be a concern for mobile or static caravans and holiday homes.Oderase scents in a caravan

The survey* was conducted by national data firm PanelBase, which polled more than 1500 people from across the UK for Cambridge-based Aqdot, the company behind Oderase

Oderase Open Plan Living Spray and Oderase Bathroom Spray are new fragrance-free air fresheners, endorsed by Allergy UK. Oderase is different from other air fresheners because it is so effective at erasing bad odours that it does not need to contain any masking fragrances that can smell really strong and overpowering in close-quarters, and could potentially cause allergies. Oderase Open Plan Living Spray is effective in the air and on fabrics. It’s ideal for removing lingering cooking smells, sweaty body smells, and of course those unpleasant damp and musty smells.


The technology used in Oderase is patented. The bad odour molecules in the air are quickly attracted to the Oderase odour eliminator, which in turn captures the bad odours and erases them from the air.

Mark Wrighton, Marketing Leader at said: “Caravan holidays are a beloved part of British holiday culture and millions of families create wonderful memories every year. 

However, when a group of people are together in such close quarters for an extended period of time, it’s not long before smells can start to become an issue.

Oderase Bathroom Spray and Oderase Open-Plan Spray offer a great solution for these enclosed spaces as they remove the unpleasant smells without masking them with heavy fragrances which is important in a small area, both from a comfort and health perspective. The small pump action sprays should be an integral part of every caravanners survival pack!”