Investing in showers to deliver a five star experience

Great showers are the hallmark of the best camping and caravan sites and something that can help keep guests coming back time after time. Your guests want shower rooms that look fantastic, are easy to use and provide a great experience.  You need showers and taps that can stand up to the demands of constant use, provide outstanding energy and water efficiency, and support crucial health and safety regulations.

It makes choosing the right showers and taps an important part of the facilities you offer.

Rada is a commercial washroom specialist and understands the demands of busy campsites that often have multiple washrooms, all with several taps and showers.

Our taps and showers use high quality materials that are perfect to stand up to the rigours of busy sites.  Timed-flow and precision temperature controls deliver high efficiency, while guarding against risks such as scalding.  With a wide range of designs, including non-touch control options, we’re sure to have products to meet the needs of every site.

Digital products

Our digital showers offer a number of advantages compared to traditional mechanical products.

They include concealed digital mixing valves, which you can programme to set maximum temperatures and flow times.  It gives you great levels of control to create comfortable water temperature, while also optimising flow to save water and energy costs.

For your guests, our digital ranges come with non-touch controls, which are easy to use and look great.

A further key benefit of digital thermostatic mixing valves is their ability to carry out automated duty flushing.  This is an important part of tackling the growth of bacteria such as Legionella. showers to deliver a five star experience

Legionella control

Legionella can thrive anywhere where there is a warm, moist environment and particularly in areas where water is sitting unused. This could be a dead-leg in pipework or in outlets that are not used regularly.  At peak season this is less likely to occur, but during quieter times or in the closed season when facilities are not in use, it’s a possibility.

One way to counter the presence of bacteria is to flush systems meaning there is no stagnant water.  Our digital valves can do this automatically.  As the process is digital you can be assured it is happening only when needed and in line with the requirements of your site.  The products can also create a data log of the duty flushing carried out, helping to demonstrate compliance with Legionella checks.

Campsite choice

It was all of these features that attracted Glanllyn Lakeside Caravan and Camping Park to choose Rada products for its site in Snowdonia, North Wales.

All campsite showering facilities need to be robust enough to stand up to any use, but Glanllyn’s shower block needs to be tougher than most.

Situated on the edge of Lake Bala in the picturesque Snowdonia National Park, the site is popular with sailors and watersports enthusiasts who use the showers as often as three times per day.

To cope with such heavy use, the site owners specified a range of Rada products, including Rada Sense digital showers and Rada 215 T3 concealed thermostatic mixing valves, for the park’s four shower blocks.

While the products were selected for their robustness, the park’s management also turned to Rada as manufacturers of the product to oversee the regular maintenance of its system.

Rada’s team visit the site on an annual basis to undertake routine maintenance, ensuring work can be completed in low season to keep disruptions to a minimum, as well as offering repairs and replacement parts when needed.

With the site hosting as many as 1,000 guests in the summer, Glanllyn’s owners have taken the step to ensure that the park’s shower blocks are fed water in an economical and environmentally friendly way – in keeping with the beautiful surrounding area.

Glanllyn now boasts a unique biomass heating system located on site, which burns wood chips to provide year-round heat.  Rada’s systems, which were first used with the site’s old gas fed system, have made the transition to the modern heat source seamless – with the service team playing a key role in the system’s commissioning and ongoing performance.


Just as Glanllyn Park has done with its maintenance plans, the closed season is the perfect time to schedule routine checks on your shower blocks to make sure they are ready when guests start arriving again.

Regular maintenance can make sure your showers are operating at peak performance and can also help prolong product life.  It also helps achieve cost savings through better energy and water efficiency and ensures your washrooms are operating safely – an important part of meeting your duty of care needs.


To help you get five star reviews, we’re giving away a £1,000 shower and service bundle bespoke to your site.  We’re also giving away a monthly prize of a S.PA shower panel for October, November and December.

Visit for details of how to take part.

So, whether you’re looking for upgrade for your showers or think now is the perfect time to carry out a maintenance health check on your shower blocks, Rada is on hand.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help, get in touch.

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Investing in showers to deliver a five star experience


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