Staying Connected At Holiday Parks & Campsites

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As the need for wireless connectivity increases across the leisure and hospitality sector – now a primary factor in booking decisions – holiday parks are no longer an ‘exception to the rule’ when it comes to connectivity. Even those campsites situated in the most remote locations will need some level of guest WiFi.

Ranging from simple, low bandwidth activities such as checking emails or social media, through toMan using iPad - Staying Connected At Holiday Parks & Campsites bandwidth sapping video streaming and video calling, guest WiFi provision is always a bespoke design challenge with basic WiFi set-ups unlikely to make the grade.

The problem with connectivity in remote areas is that wireless signal doesn’t pass through water. This can often cause a problem in wooded areas as trees and leaves hold a lot of water. Then there’s power. How do you get power to access points so customers can receive a signal?

There are many considerations to take into account and issues you can encounter but worry not, there are technologies that can help.

See for advice on getting connected.