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How Wi-Fi Can Help Create Memorable Experiences at Holiday Parks

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Wi-Fi accessibility while in the great outdoors was previously taboo; however, for the modern holiday maker, the option to stream movies, keep up to date of business or communicate with family and friends over the internet, makes for a convenient and pleasant getaway. Online accessibility in hotels is a necessity so why should it not be available while on holiday and away from the hustle and bustle? Apart from the convenience, it is also safer and practical, providing guests’ peace of mind they can connect to the internet at will. A closer look at the reasons to provide guests with Wi-Fi can help you create incredible holiday experiences. 
The Importance of Being Connected

Staying Connected At Holiday Parks & Campsites

Man using iPad - Staying Connected At Holiday Parks & Campsites

Staying Connected At Holiday Parks & Campsites

As the need for wireless connectivity increases across the leisure and hospitality sector – now a primary factor in booking decisions – holiday parks are no longer an ‘exception to the rule’ when it comes to connectivity.
Even those campsites situated in the most remote locations will need some level of guest WiFi.

Ranging from simple, low bandwidth activities such as checking emails or social media, through to bandwidth sapping video streaming and video calling, guest WiFi provision is always a bespoke design challenge with basic WiFi set-ups unlikely to make the grade.

Rolec Launch ParkServ, A New UK-Wide Installation Network

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Rolec Services have launched a new nationwide electrical hook-up installation network, ParkServ, to accommodate the changing demands of the caravan and residential park industries.

The network consists of Rolec trained, Rolec supported, and Rolec managed electrical contractors located in your area - all able to provide a host of corporate services at local rates.

Rolec’s Sales Director Martin Georgeson commented: “For almost 30 years, Rolec engineers have travelled the length and breadth of the UK undertaking the installation of electrical hook-up, distribution and lighting systems - as well as providing electrical testing and support services to the caravan and residential park industries.

“Times are changing.

Infinium – experts in holiday park Wi-Fi solutions

Infinium – experts in holiday park Wi-Fi solutions

Picturesque location. Nearby attractions. High speed internet connection.

These are all equally important to holiday guests when choosing their next destination!  We can’t help you with the first two, but quality Wi-Fi networks are our speciality. 

With 73% of adults now accessing the internet on the go and 99% of all 12-15s online for over 21 hours per week (Office for National Statistics & Ofcom), being connected to the Internet is now expected anytime and anywhere.  Holiday park guests are increasingly demanding the same service from their park Wi-Fi as they get at home.

Infinium work with over 290 UK holiday parks and are specialists in providing tailored solutions for single site holiday parks through to multi-site leisure resorts.

Cloud - the latest buzzword in computing

Cloud - the latest buzzword in computing

The world now uses the Cloud like never before. It’s where we get the latest news and weather, view happy snaps of our friends on social media, be reminded when our next appointment is due, and it’s all “in the cloud.” 

At the end of last year it was estimated that 90% of businesses in the United Kingdom were using at least one cloud service. The big question is why? The simple answer is that cloud computing increases efficiency, makes businesses more competitive and most importantly more profitable.

RMS has always been at the cutting edge of technology and “ahead of the pack”.



LeisureSmart is a new digital solution from ASL that provides near real-time electricity monitoring for leisure complexes and holiday parks.

Both protecting the environment and using resources sustainably are ongoing challenges for responsible businesses and LeisureSmart helps to support this.

ASL has drawn on years of experience in the machine to machine (M2M) communications industry to develop LeisureSmart; a digital solution that can accurately monitor the electricity usage of each individual pitch on a holiday park.  LeisureSmart provides management with accurate, near real-time data for analysis.

Whale Launch New Easi-Slide Exterior Utilities Sockets Range at The Motorhome and Caravan Show 2017


Whale has extended their exterior utilities socket offering to include a wide range of electrical, gas and water outlets suitable for all recreational vehicles.


In addition to their current “Water In Socket”, the new Whale Easi-Slide Exterior Utilities Sockets range offers you a Mains Electric Out Socket, Multimedia 3 in 1 Socket, Isolator Switch Socket, External BBQ Outlet Socket, Water Out Socket, Motorhome Filler Socket and Motorhome Filler Socket + 12V Socket with a unique 2 in 1 design.


New EPoS system allows holiday park company to achieve new levels of efficiency

New technology improves efficiency for family-run park

A family-run holiday park company that boasts almost 100 years of history is embracing modern-day efficiency with state-of-the-art technology. 

Lyons Holiday Parks needed to integrate transactions in bars, offices, hotels, shops, and reception areas across seven of its ten sites across North Wales and Cumbria. 

Previously the company used a number of isolated tills and processes. These did not link with its central accounts system, meaning staff had to input much of the sales data captured manually. This was time consuming and inefficient, hampering business growth.

Rolec’s EV Charge Online – A New Income Stream For Caravan Parks

Rolec’s EV Charge Online – A New Income Stream For Caravan Parks

Rolec EV, a leading UK electric vehicle charge point manufacturer, has developed a revolutionary EV charge point management system - ‘EV Charge Online’.

EV Charge Online enables each and every EV driver to simply pull up to a charge point and, using their mobile phone, login to the charge point and pay-to-charge  using Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal via Rolec EV’s secure back office.

GPRS connectivity to the back office is provided by Rolec’s network partner Vodafone, who supply roaming SIM cards designed to lock onto the strongest signal in the area, regardless of network provider.


WiFi Solutions for Holiday Parks

WiFi Solutions for Holiday Parks

People no longer want to ‘get-away-from-it-all’ these days, they want to stay connected, whether this is to social media, the office or just to check local attractions online and with this in mind one of the key requirements, when away from home, is how good the WiFi is at the campsite or holiday park.

Here at Solwise we offer a number of solutions for delivering broadcast WiFi for public. We can also help you with user management. The purposes of this management could be so you can offer a chargeable service and/or so you can control and have traceability for site visits and usage: This final point might well be something that you need if Ofcom come knocking on your door accusing you of downloading a rip off DVD through your internet connection!

Holiday Park WiFi – Wireless alone doesn’t cut it!

Holiday Park WiFi – Wireless alone doesn’t cut it!

If you are serious about providing amazing Holiday Park WiFi across your site then you need to be thinking about the wired network as well.

Since we’ve been operating in the WiFi market, it's been standard practice to place access points around a site, using 2.4 GHz for the client access and 5ghz for the backhaul network. Each access point is shared between around 30 Static Caravans, and each Caravan could have 4-10 devices. As you can imagine, 300-400 devices per access point is never going to offer optimal connectivity. In fact, it will often totally overload the Wireless network resulting in an extremely frustrating time for your guests.

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