Holiday park owners urged to check meters to keep on the right side of the law

Holiday Park owners across the UK are being urged to check the meters they use to resell energy are legal after concerns that updated legislation may put them outside of the law say Energy Controls Group.

It’s feared many landlords may have unwittingly bought meters which do not comply with the latest rules; the result could mean fines or legal action. Landlords and park owners are now being urged to examine their paperwork and if necessary go back to the meter seller to get the correct documents.

The warning comes from the Energy Controls Group. The company has been working closely with and supplying meters to holiday park owners for the past thirty years.

Managing Director, Chris Smith said the law governing measuring equipment i.e. meters for reselling energy had passed from Ofgem to become the responsibility of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). The latter took over full responsibility for the sector in 2016.

Mr Smith said there was a lot of confusion among holiday park owners around the impact of that change.

He said: Energy Controls Group give advice

“Landlords have said to me they don’t have to worry about the legislation because they bought their meters before 2016. However that is not the case. Meters installed by Landlords for any application where energy is to be resold MUST be approved under what was the Electricity Act 1989. You still need the correct paperwork. Prior to 2016 this would be an Ofgem approval document. Post 2016 it is MID.”

Mr Smith said his concern was for the future of holiday parks in the UK.  He has now produced a ten point guide to the legislation to help landlords

He said:

“What worries me is that holiday park owners who don’t have the correct legal documentation for their meters will have to change them and that could cost them thousands of pounds. The irony of the law is that if non-approved meters are being used to resell energy, it is the park owner who is breaking the law and not the supplier who provided the meter in the first place. It only takes one holidaymaker to question whether the landlord is using an approved or non-approved meter and they could refuse to pay for the energy being supplied. It is therefore vitally important that park owners go back to their meter supplier and asks for supporting documentation to ensure they are on the right side of the law.”

MID legislation applies to ALL Landlord meter installations on holiday parks, marinas and anywhere electricity is provided, metered and charged for.

For further information contact:
Chris Smith, Managing Director, Energy Controls Group
Email:, TEL: 0345 230 4535
July 11, 2018

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