Remote site toilets

The arrival of the pandemic has brought increased opportunity for British caravanning, camping and glamping with staycationing becoming the new preferred and often necessary means of a break for many of us.  This year NatSol have seen many enquiries from landowners interested in setting up an area for people to stay and looking for toilet solutions.  With 15 years’ experience in provision of waterless toilets for remote sites NatSol can provide a solution for most such sites.

Camping sites are often open to the public, many of whom will not be familiar with dry toilets.  It is important to take this into account when choosing a toilet solution so as to make the use and management of facilities as simple as possible.  For those sites which have access for a slurry tanker the NatSol Zero Discharge toilet (ZD) is the lowest maintenance system.  It is the company’s most recently introduced product and is proving popular for busy public sites where a number of toilets are required in a facilities block.  The National Trust and The Royal Parks are amongst our customers for this model of toilet.  We will soon have available a smaller version of this which will be easier and cheaper to install where single toilets are required.  The ZD is also good for sites where discharge to ground is undesirable or difficult, such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest.  Remote site toilets

Some campsite owners may prefer to opt for the NatSol Full Access Composter (FAC).  This is a urine separating toilet (urine is sent to a soakaway) and it can cater for around 6 campers as a daily average spread across a year.  It will absorb peaks and troughs in use and, like the ZD, is conveniently free from freezing risks over the winter.  The running costs are very low and it will provide a reliable solution on sites where users are respectful of facilities.

Both the ZD and the FAC are waterless toilets which can operate without mains connections.  They can both function with a passive venting system to eliminate odours. 

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