Park or Land to Sell?

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Do you have a park or land to sell? Park Home owner, Serenity Parks is enjoying success and is continuing to look to expand its portfolio by acquiring further parks in locations across the UK.

Renowned for being a discerning residential park home provider, Serenity’s gated communities offer an exceptional quality of life in rural areas where significant investments have been made to enhance the standard of living for residents with great success. 

Marie Hanby marketing manager Serenity Parks commented; “We have a genuine desire to elevate the status of park home living as an ever-increasing number of people discover the benefits associated with this type of home. In order to support these communities we are keen Serenity Park - Park or Land to Sell?to acquire existing parks so that we can continue our vision and business expansion.  We are happy to consider purchasing caravan parks, whether they be residential, holiday or touring and are also interested in buying land.”

Serenity Parks have adapted a very flexible business model; one where their expertise in land and homes of modular construction can help not only existing park owners but also land owners to deliver their desire to diversify, driving growth and revenue expansion.

The acquisition and creation of more parks is focused across the entire country. Plans are in place to double the size of the portfolio year on year over the next three years to support the growing demand in this market.

With a finders fee available, if you are looking to sell your park or land, please give the team a call on 0800 644 4499.  Further information can be found at