Its time to get prepared for more first-time campers!

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It’s become common knowledge that motorhoming is on the increase, the world over, and with an estimated 225,000 motorhomes in the UK, according to the National Office of Statistics, this figure is only set to rise. 

So, what does this mean for park and industry operators? Erwin Hymer Centre’s RentEasy manager, Stuart Phipps gives his perspective on how to best cater for millennials as they come of age and gear up to seize the lion’s share of the camping market’s growth.

According to Curbed magazine, millennials are the largest set of campers, accounting for 41 percent overall, and by 2025, the number of 30 – 45-year-olds will have grown to 72 million people. It’s relevant data for everyone in the industry and particularly those who are considering their green credentials, hook up facilities and bandwidth capabilities. 

First-timers RentEasy motorhome - perfect for first-time campers

Significantly, this generation, across the globe, accounts for a growing number of first-time motorhomes and in 2018, 56% of first-time campers were millennials. We regularly speak to renters who are taking their motorhome to a campsite for their first time. Although they have often done their research when it comes to wi-fi availability at a site, they still have the expectation that they can use their high-energy equipment. For example, appliances like hair straighteners, kettles and microwaves will have adverse effects on low amperage campsite supplies. This could lead to nuisance tripping of the supply inside the motorhome.  

We always advise our first-time motorhome customers before they head off on their excursion, that most campsites will have 16-amp hook ups available, which is ample for their needs, but to check on the park operator’s website first. 

It’s also interesting that there is a growing number of people, not necessarily first-time campers, who want their motorhome holiday to be a more self-sufficient experience. This has led to a rise in the installation of leisure batteries and the use of solar panels, as more people hunt for secluded locations, to enhance their wild camping experience. 

All these trends are set to multiply and motorhome dealers and park operators alike, need to be ready to cater for this unique and diverse set of camping enthusiasts who are set to reign.