safe and environmentally friendly maintenance of your septic tank

Septic Tank maintenance is a necessity that is sometimes overlooked with the result of blockages and the need for expensive pump outs. With regular use of Aquarius SC you will discover that blockages and pump-outs can be virtually eliminated.


Aquarius SC is a dry, multi-culture preparation specifically designed to liquefy and consume organic wastes and almost all factions of animal fats and vegetable oils found in sewage/septic tank systems, drains and grease traps. The microbial cultures found in Aquarius SC continue enzyme production to consume the organic wastes and grease, restoring and maintaining the bacterial balance required for effective operation. Aquarius SC is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-pathogenic (harmless) and is biodegradable.

Septic Tanks and Drainage Systemsmaintenance of your septic tank

The performance and efficiency of septic tanks, drainage and sewage systems depends entirely upon the type of waste throughput and the amounts and strength of the bacterial agents present therein. The bacteria lives and multiplies by feeding on the waste matter within the septic tank and as such causes decomposition of the soluble waste into less harmful and inoffensive effluent, which may then be safely dispersed through the system. 
The increasing use of household detergents, bleaches and cleansers destroys the very bacteria required to digest the sewage in the purification system. Should the waste materials not be activated and transformed into liquids, they will ultimately build up and cause a blockage in the system, which will in itself cease to function effectively. The result will be that the system will begin to emit foul and offensive odours and may be in need of costly repairs or pumping.

Prevention as well as the cure 

Aquarius SC is supplied in a soluble sachet, as a pre-measured treatment of 1 x sachet per month for standard size domestic tank, to be simply entered into the drainage, septic tank and sewage system either through the sink waste or flushed down the toilet. Aquarius SC will assist in breaking down the waste build-up within the drains and will reactivate the sewage system with its high concentrate of microbial cultures and enzymes, restoring the bacterial balance required for effective operation. Doses can be varied dependent on specific applications and also used to assist in breakdown of fatty build ups in grease traps.

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