Foamstream, available from Weedingtech

With legislative changes and growing public pressure to reduce chemical usage, it is unsurprising that environmentally-friendly solutions to everyday problems are witnessing a surge in popularity. Foamstream, available from Weedingtech, is redefining non-herbicidal weed control. It is the world’s leading, organically certified solution for the complete non-chemical control of weeds and moss. 

Since Foamstream was launched in 2011, the controversy around ingredients such as glyphosate has continued to grow, with customers from all corners of grounds and green space management now discovering the many benefits Foamstream can deliver – not just for vegetation control, but for outdoor cleaning tasks including gum removal, power washing and sanitisation.

foamstreamIts patented low-pressure process combines hot water and a biodegradable foam, made from natural plant oils and sugars, delivered through one of Weedingtech’s industry-leading machines. The active ingredient is the hot water, with the foam acting as an ‘insulation blanket’, preventing the heat from escaping and keeping the water in the ‘kill zone’ (temperatures of 57o and above) for longer. The heat penetrates the waxy outer layer of the leaf, travels down the stem and into the roots – killing or severely damaging the plant and causing it to die. In addition to eradicating the plant, Foamstream also sterilises surrounding seeds and spores that haven’t yet germinated, helping to reduce future weed growth. 

The combination of hot water and foam has proven so efficient that fewer treatment cycles are required per year, reducing labour and overhead costs. Suitable for year-round applications, the all-natural ingredients also mean it is safe for applications around people, animals and sensitive environments including water courses. 

Units are available to purchase via a nationwide distribution network or direct via Weedingtech – where a new rental service is also now available. For more information about how Foamstream can transform your approach to vegetation management, visit