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Front Cover
CIPO latest issue

Wow – 2020 already. We’re in a new year, a new decade and a new age when it comes to holiday parks. As a kid in the 80s, the year 2020 seemed like a futuristic dream for me – think the Jetsons
crossed with Back to the Future Part II and you’ll understand my childhood vision.
We may not drive flying cars and ride hover boards quite yet but customer expectations are very high – they’re looking for accommodation with smart TVs, air con, fitted kitchens and luxury
If you showed caravanners even from 30 years ago what holiday parks would look like in the future, they wouldn’t believe it.
And in his book The Static Caravan Story, our contributor Andrew Jenkinson looks at models from even longer ago – he discusses the beginnings of the caravan park, how the Caravan Club was formed in 1907 and by the 1920s the idea of the “luxury” static caravan had been borne. If only people could see how 100 years of caravanning would develop!

See pages 25-26 for more on caravans through the ages.
The idea of luxury living while on holiday is nothing new, but it’s clear that times change and, alongside that, parks must keep up the pace so as not to lose custom. In this issue, we include news
from parks which are doing just that, including a Welsh park which carried out a substantial restaurant refurbishment and, five years later, won a national award.
We also take a look at networking and business opportunities – for example November’s Holiday Park Innovation Show, which our team found to be an enjoyable and extremely informative two

We also look ahead to more trade and consumer shows for the sector in 2020.
Whether you’re looking for outdoor storage, considering a new hot tub range or looking to improve security, this issue has all the products and services you need to run a successful holiday park.

So while I go and dig out my Michael J Fox VHS collection, take a break and enjoy reading the magazine.