NCC Benevolent Fund launches helpline for mental health and wellbeing

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NCC Benevolent Fund launches ground-breaking helpline for mental health and wellbeing 
The NCC Benevolent Fund, the caravan industry’s dedicated charity, is pleased to announce the launch of its new counselling and information service in partnership with Care first. 
The service is centred around a helpline which is available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for counselling support and from 8am – 8pm for general advice and information. The service will allow employees, who work past or present in any sector of the caravan and parks industry, who are facing difficult circumstances, to find the best help and support for their needs. 
All calls are free and confidential, the helpline is manned by professional counsellors and information specialists. The support on offer ranges from one-off telephone counselling through to referrals for longer term face to face counselling. In addition, the information specialists are trained to deal with a wealth of issues, big and small, such as financial, legal, relationship and housing problems and queries.      
The helpline is initially running as a trial service, the trial is due to end in December 2020, and if successful, the Fund hopes to roll this out NCC Benevolent Fund helpline for mental healthacross the industry on a permanent basis. 
Melanie Day, Benevolent Fund Manager says "We are really excited to trial this new service, with over 15 million work days in the UK lost to mental health issues each year, we know that a free and confidential support service will ensure that our workforce are fit for life and for work. Our ambition is that with the right support we can help colleagues across the industry to thrive" 
The Fund has limited space on the trial but is keen for companies to register their interest to take advantage of the service during the trial period.

The service is free (to both employer and employee), all that the Fund asks is that you promote the service to your employees. 
It’s easy to join just visit or email