Tempheat: The solution to that broken boiler problem

Wherever you go away, you may forget the other half and you may even forget the kids, but definitely don’t forget your Tempheat from IDEA!

We have all been in the situation, where the boiler has packed up, everyone’s moaning in their jumpers and blankets, and there is not much that anyone can do about it.

Well, my name is Keith, and after many years of repairing those central heating boilers and having to leave customers without heating and hot water because of having to wait for parts. I decided to invent a unit that could replace the boiler until the parts for the boiler could be found and fitted.

Tempheat – winner of the Holiday Park Innovation Award 2018 – can be used wherever you have a water-based boiler, including homes, secluded chalets and even caravans. Tempheat from IDEA

To get started, your plumber just need to fit somewhere in your heating system two or four valves depending on the type of system which should take about an hour. You then just have to plug in the Tempheat unit and adjust the valves. Your own radiators will soon heat up and the unit will supply you with 40L of hot water at 60 degrees which will enable you to have a 21-minute shower at normal temperature or to do the washing up. When your boiler is fixed everything is returned back to normal and the Tempheat is removed, ready for the plumbers next job. The valves are left in place for easy fitting in case of another unfortunate breakdown in the future. Easy, right?

The safest, most convenient and quickest solution to one of life’s biggest inconveniences. 

Phone: 07813 905197

Email about Tempheat: info@inventivedesignenterpriseassociates.com.

Read about Tempheat:  inventivedesignenterpriseassociates.com 

November 9, 2018

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Tempheat: The solution to that broken boiler problem


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