Efficient Solutions for Commercial Swimming Pools

Save Money and Save the Planet
The need to reduce carbon emissions has become greater than ever. Most establishments are looking for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and minimise impact on climate change.

‘Over 90% of a pool’s heat is lost through its water surface’

Reduce your Swimming Pool Energy Consumption
It is now widely accepted that installing a heat retention cover is the single most effective means of reducing swimming pool energy consumption. Fit the right cover on your pool and you will see a reduction in energy bills of up to £20,500 per annum (figures based on a 2011 study of a 25m x 12m pool at 2018 prices). Depending on the type of reel system you opt for, a payback period as short as 12 months can be expected.

Plastica’s Managing Director said “We have manufactured and installed thousands of commercial cover and reel systems from Olympic sized competition pools to freeform fun pools over the last 40 plus years. Our customers benefit from our products having unique specification advantages as standard. For example, on our commercial pool covers we provide hemmed edges, double welded seams down the length of pool covers (not the width), reinforced leading edges and stainless-steel reels. All resulting in less stress on the covers to prevent fraying, delamination and tearing, as well as a reduction in general wear and tear and ease of maintenance.” Plastica Pools reel system for Commercial Swimming Pools

Fast and Efficient Covering
The unique and durable covers almost eliminate evaporation and reduce humidity and condensation. Plastica’s reel systems are made with stainless steel to maximise strength, longevity and ease of maintenance. We offer choices to accommodate any commercial pool requirement. Manual for smaller lighter pool covers and motorised systems – to reduce manual handling for poolside staff. 

Plastica has earned an enviable reputation for installing cover and reel systems to an agreed schedule. Vital for commercial centres that need to forewarn customers about any short pool closures.

If you’d like to learn more about how certain products could save you time and money, please get in touch with Plastica Pools. Call them on 01424 857802 or visit their website: www.plasticapools.net