Truvox Supplies Floorcare Machines To Caravan Parks

Truvox International Ltd is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of commercial and industrial floorcare machines, based in Southampton, England.

Meeting the needs of a wide range of markets including healthcare, education, leisure, and facility managers, Truvox works directly and indirectly through a network of dedicated dealers based across the UK and worldwide.

Truvox Floorcare MachinesTruvox began producing electric polishing machines in the early 1960s, and has continued to innovate, developing a suite of machines designed to streamline cleaning and maintenance of hard and soft floors.

These range from vacuums to escalator sweepers and air movers, but Truvox technology leads the market in three main areas:

• Scrubber dryers – the Multiwash has long been the most popular model in this range across a variety of sectors. Highly valued for its versatility, it can wash, scrub and dry hard and soft floors in a single pass. In its latest cordless form, the Multiwash 340/Pump Battery provides even greater flexibility.

• Single-disc rotaries – the Orbis range is truly comprehensive, with machines for stripping, scrubbing, wet and dry polishing and shampooing. Orbis rotaries are economical, versatile and powerful enough for the toughest floorTruvox Floorcare Machines maintenance demands.

• Carpet extraction – These machines can remove the most challenging stains. The Hydromist line-up caters for users’ various priorities, whether that is large area cleaning or upholstery, or spray extraction alone or combined with brushing.

• Vacuums – the VTVe, a compact and manoeuvrable tub vacuum and the Valet Battery Upright II which is a cordless upright vacuum are reliable, easy to use and ideal for when customers are present. Also in the range is the Valet BackPack vacuum that is lightweight and ideal for vacuuming in confined areas.

Truvox also offers Cimex three-brush technology, the most effective technique for cleaning floors, whether for scrubbing, polishing or restoring carpets through encapsulation of embedded dirt.