TiksPac Waste Bag Dispensing Stations around the UK

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TiksPac UK is an international waste specialist brand. TiksPac provide pet owners to free waste bags from dispensing stations.  
The positioning of the dispensing stations, essentially recreation areas, footpaths, woodlands, beach fronts are key space to reach a 100% target market for dog walkers, communities and holiday residents.
Dog fouling is the No 1 Environmental Crime in the UK, it is a problem.  Our stations offer great signposting space for messages – reinforcing do the right thing, the free biodegradable bags impact the residents.  It is positive action.
The issue of single use plastic being used for dog waste and general waste is significant and local authorities struggle with effective solutions.  Winning the APSE Innovative Environmental award with Swale Borough Council in 2017, Tikspac are delivering against this problem.
There are an estimated 8 million dogs in the UK, who between them produce over 1,000 tonnes of faeces each day. To tackle the growing number of dog owners who fall foul of the law, TiksPac are now working with more than 30 councils across the UK. A survey measured a 60% Tikspac Waste Bag Dispensing Stationsdecrease in dog fouling complaints on average and a 50% decrease in in overall littering in the same areas.
The UK Pet owners are increasingly keen to bring their dogs with them on holiday, the Tikspac solution works to keep your land tidy and encourage the right behaviour
The dispensers hold 100 per cent compostable and biodegradable dog waste bags which are free and accessible 24/7.  The idea is aimed at those who have forgotten to bring dog bags with them, as well as those who have a sense of community and are willing to clear up in their area.
In addition, TiksPac provide now the TidyPac which is specifically designed for litter picking.  
Get  in touch and discuss this solution for your holiday park.  
Julie Cook
UK Director
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