Rhino app helps SMEs to run HMRC digital accounts

Rhino app on iPhone

An HMRC-recommended app has been launched to help SMEs to run their accounts digitally.

As part of its Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative, HMRC approved the new Rhino App for the submission of business accounts directly from the app to its recently launched online MTD portal. Rhino integrates directly into the Making Tax Digital platform and is the only accounts package approved by HMRC that allows a business to submit its own returns.

Mobility Hire 4 You - How accessible is your business?

Mobility Hire 4 You  - How accessible is your business?

Over recent years the leisure and holiday industry has seen massive improvements in accessibility for elderly and disabled customers within various attraction venues and locations.  But why have these organisations been continuously working on improving their ability to accommodate this market segment? Simply, the answer to this question lies in the fact that over 20% of people in England and Wales have an ‘activity limiting’ health problem or a disability.  Those people are constantly considering how accessible is the attraction venue that they are intending to visit. This market segment alone currently spends around £8.5 billion on day trips and around £3.2 billion on overnight trips in England.*