SPATEX 2022 – the show that promises to put you ahead of the competition

When it comes to vacations, the Brits want one thing – water! Yes, hot tubs, spas and swimming pools are the most sought-after facility when choosing a holiday destination. Which is why SPATEX 2022 at the Coventry Building Society Arena Tues 1st to Thurs 3rd February - the UK’s ONLY dedicated water leisure exhibition - is a must for those in the hospitality business. 

Pathways to a perfect park landscape: Soils, Aggregates and Stone

First impressions really count, and that does not stop at your park entrance. It continues onto your main thoroughfare and beyond at every pitch and pocket of land - it impacts site-wide. Waterlogged patches, unruly pathways and pot-holed roads are an instant turn-off, causing untold damage to your reputation as well as to vehicles and pedestrians.

Bluepoint Tags and Labels

Bluepoint – An innovative Devon based tag and label manufacturer, is excited to release a new line of ‘print your own’ identification solutions to the camping and leisure sector.

Is the coast clear? Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax.

The Budget seems a long time ago, and the much-heralded ‘tax day’, when the Government was set to announce a raft of consultations, passed without much comment.  So is the coast clear for business owners and, in particular, caravan and holiday park owners in relation to Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax? Graham Poles, Tax Partner at Armstrong Watson shares his views.

Exclusive offer from Tingdene Homes

Tingdene Homes want to work with parks and provide customers with an exclusive offer on the Overstone, (both residential and holiday versions) a luxury and contemporary home with a warm and inviting interior. This exciting new campaign has been introduced by Tingdene at a ‘turnkey’ price in an effort to present its consumers with an easier and clearer buying process.

Digital transformation across the holiday park industry 

Digital transformation. Do those two words fill you with dread? Well you’re not alone. What’s that phrase? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of thinking that way and using that very same phrase over the years.