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Leisure furnishings from HLF Group LTD

The HLF Group LTD is the umbrella company incorporating Holiday Let furnishings and Hotel and Leisure Furnishings. We are the furniture suppliers to the Holiday and Leisure industry. We specialise in supplying a huge volume of contract standard furniture.

Efficient Solutions for Commercial Swimming Pools

Save Money and Save the Planet
The need to reduce carbon emissions has become greater than ever. Most establishments are looking for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and minimise impact on climate change.

‘Over 90% of a pool’s heat is lost through its water surface’

TiksPac Waste Bag Dispensing Stations around the UK

TiksPac UK is an international waste specialist brand. TiksPac provide pet owners to free waste bags from dispensing stations.  
The positioning of the dispensing stations, essentially recreation areas, footpaths, woodlands, beach fronts are key space to reach a 100% target market for dog walkers, communities and holiday residents.

Innovative Inclusive Play Equipment From Huck

Being active is good for you – and that goes especially for children, youngsters, and adults with limited mobility. Huck appreciate the importance of play not only as a means of keeping healthy but also as an aid to improving social and communication skills.

Is dog waste an issue on your land? It’s a foul subject…

Dog waste is a problem that we see on private property, public open spaces, parks, communities, beach fronts, woodland and areas of natural beauty.  The irony of something that does naturally biodegrade being placed in a single use plastic bag is hugely problematic.

Smart housekeeping saves holiday parks £30k a year

For every park operator there are key stages to generating customer satisfaction. The welcoming reception staff, the immediate availability of the unit and that unit's spotless presentation are three of them. Get that right and (barring unforeseen disasters!) a five-star rating is on its way.

Elfin supplies kitchen solution to floating pod concept

In March 2017, Luke Robertson and his father set out on a new project that would tap into the emerging glamping market. The idea was to manufacturer a bespoke floating pod, that would offer a unique boutique hotel experience and provide guests with everything they required in a small space, including double bed, kitchen area, wet room, outside seating, speaker system and even Wi-Fi.

When space for a spa is an issue, we have the solution

Park Leisure Solutions Ltd officially launched their brand new 6 Person Hot Tub Model this month. After listening to Park owners and operators the new 202B-PKS Spa model has been specifically designed and built for those customers where space is a premium but still require a larger Hot Tub for their guests.