Golden Coast says relax

Managing multiple facilities is a complex task, but with a Golden Coast heat pump you can at least be confident that your hot tub heating is fully under control.


Making the fuel switch to ground source heat pumps

Stephanie Gregory, Director of Marketing, the Kensa Group, on why ground source heat pumps are the future of sustainable heating…

Owners and operators of holiday and leisure parks could be saving thousands in energy costs and generating a profitable additional income stream by adopting renewable heating options.

Esse: Contemporary Wood-Fired Stoves You Can Cook On

ESSE Engineering makes distinctively British wood-fired stoves which have provided warmth and sustenance in the great outdoors for more than 150 years. 

Ernest Shackleton relied on ESSE cook stoves for his Antarctic expeditions and today you’ll find ESSE stoves and range cookers at River Cottage and Humble by Nature.